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About T&A

We are a market intelligence company that seeks ideas and solutions for our clients with basis on information through research projects, consulting, workshops, training, seminars, corporate events, and business development.

And after 36 years as Toledo & Associados completing over 15,000 research projects, we have decided to change, innovate, rebuild, reinvent into a new company, which is dedicated to the implementation of results.

T&A Research

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Our team


Features professionals with high market expertise – a multidisciplinary team from several walks of life: economics, sociology, anthropology, marketing, journalism, architecture, law, design, I.T., nutrition science.

And we put our efforts on helping businesses to understand the new consumer in a contemporary society, increasingly more demanding, more connected, and taking up an active role around information.

Reasons for choosing T&A Research

Our commitment:



Each project is outlined to respond to the client’s planning demands. And, from briefing to delivery of results, the T&A research senior staff monitor all stages, encouraging interaction with the client.



Our acquired experience, client base, skilled team and methods build trust and reliability among clients, so as to flexibly carry out complex projects and adapt solutions to each client’s culture.



We do not only deliver only, but consulting and directions on the actions to be taken by holding meetings with the internal team, as well as workshops to set results into action throughout the organization.

In addition, we have Market Expertise, operating in the most diverse segments, channels, formats, as well as retail and consumption market in Brazil, with projects implemented for domestic and foreign businesses.

We constantly look for innovation, taking the lead on trends and putting them into practice, in a pragmatic and result-oriented manner.